We founded NICE to give your stash an update. Our colors have personality, just like you! From loud to quiet, From provocative to understated, the NICE palette has the perfect shade for every situation!

Why Nice?

NICE for the skin

At 19 microns, our FINE Merino is fantastically soft and squishy – Merino wool doesn’t get any softer than this! Great for all projects that are worn directly on the skin, as nothing scratches.

Maintaining NICE

We have deliberately opted for a machine-washable yarn so that the care and washing of your pieces is as uncomplicated as possible.

NICE on animals

all fibers are obtained mulesing-free.

NICE to the forest

The extraction and dyeing of fibers is very water-intensive. We are aware of our responsibility towards the earth. For this reason, we have made it our mission to plant trees together with our partner “Grow My Tree”. Month by month, a NICER mixed forest will grow and contribute to climate protection after a few years.

NICE transportation routes

We produce in the EU and therefore have shorter transportation routes. Shipping is carried out via DHL GoGreen, so that all emissions caused are offset.


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